Lookout Towers

At one point in history, there were 260 fire lookout towers in Missouri. These towers, each with a cabin situated well above the tree line, were crucial for spotting forest fires throughout the 1900s. Nowadays, only the Taum Sauk lookout is still in use, and many others have been taken down. For the adventurer, these old towers offer the opportunity for stunning views of the Missouri landscape. We are on a search for a fire lookout tower that is still accessible, to experience what those fire watchers once did years ago, before its too late. Google has its own map of the lookout towers in Missouri and their status, but we have found that it is not, in most cases, accurate. So, we are creating our own map of towers and their updated statuses, and whenever we find one that is still climbable, we will add it here.

[iframe width=”100%” height=”576″ src=”https://maphub.net/embed/90985?directions=1&geolocation=1&legend=1&panel=1&panel_closed=1″ frameborder=”0″]

Freeburg Lookout Tower

Marie’s County Road 209