• Big Bluff as a Storm Rolls In
    Day Hikes

    Centerpoint to Goat Trail: A View Worth the Hike

    Four months ago, Eric and I took a weekend trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for one last hurrah just before his knee surgery. The surgery would leave him unable to walk for two months and unable to hike for even longer. We had our hearts set on the well-known Centerpoint to Goat Trail, a 5.9 mile out and back trail whose destination is a famously breathtaking view of the Buffalo River.

  • morels, wood ear, pheasant back, and wild onions
    Mushrooms,  Personal

    Why I Mushroom Hunt: A Scientist’s Perspective on Foraging

    Fungi are amazing. Not only are they an incredibly diverse kingdom of organisms, but many are also very delicious. And you don't have to cultivate them in your garden to enjoy these scrumtuous morsels -- you simply have to get outside and have keen eyes. You can even find edible mushrooms in your backyard! For many foragers, the possibility of a fungi-filled dinner is what motivates them to get out in the woods. But for me, even though I do get excited about discovering a patch of chanterelles (my favorite), its something different.

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    Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Wild Mushrooms

    Many people love mushrooms. Others don't. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, there are compelling reasons to add wild mushrooms to your diet because of their unique nutritional and medicinal benefits. In this post, we will introduce you to the health benefits of eating wild mushrooms.

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    Sustainable Mushroom Foraging, and Why it’s so Important

    When confronted with a patch of edible mushrooms in the woods, especially rare and delicious ones, we are often overcome with excitement. As foragers, we often pick each and every delicious mushroom in sight, not out of greed, but out of glee. However, these tendencies are detrimental not only to the local ecosystem but to our future foraging prospects as well. As mycophiles, it behooves us to be sustainable foragers.

  • White's Creek

    White’s Creek Trail: An Incredible Hub of Biodiversity

    A couple of weekends ago, Eric and I, accompanied by friends John and Sammy, drove four hours southeast to explore the Irish Wilderness, Missouri's largest wilderness area. We hiked White's Creek Trail, starting from the Camp Five Pond Trailhead, over two days. Although the loop is listed at 17.4 miles, most travelers have clocked it at closer to 20 miles. And, if you take the few spurs off the main loop to visit the Eleven Point River and springs, you might hike closer to 22 miles, as we did.

  • Blue Spring
    Day Hikes

    Big Spring, Blue Spring, and Falling Spring

    While Eric was hiking on Memorial Day Weekend, I was spending some more relaxed time outdoors with my family. Although we have owned property near Ellington, MO for almost a year now, we have been so busy spending time on the property that this was one of our first forays into the surrounding community. We checked out three springs near Van Buren, MO: Big Spring, Blue Spring, and Falling Spring.

  • view of the sunset from the top of Bell Mountain

    Bell Mountain Loop Trail: Missouri’s Best Sunrise

    For Eric's birthday, we decided to check out the 11.6-mile Bell Mountain Loop Trail, which had been on our list to check out for a while. Eric was off work on Friday (state holidays are great) but was moving slowly that morning; so, after the three-hour drive and an extremely curvy road, we pulled into the parking lot around 2 pm. The parking lot is a bit easy to miss since it's on the other side of the road from the Bell Mountain Wilderness sign.

  • Sinking Creek Trailhead

    Ozark Trail Between the Rivers Section: A Private Excursion

    Slightly over a year ago, I embarked on my first-ever backpacking trip with Eric as my guide. We had carefully selected a section of the Ozark Trail: part of the Between the Rivers section plus a loop that ran along the Eleven Point River. We also had heard there was a climbable lookout tower in the area. With the whole weekend free, we had our hearts set on covering 19 miles over 2.5 days.

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    4 Things You Need to Start Mushroom Hunting

    Interested in mushroom hunting but not quite sure how to get started? The Trails for Two Mushroom Hunting Starter Guide will walk you through how to become a successful mushroom hunter and stay safe while enjoying the nutritious bounty of the earth. This section will cover what you need in order to start mushroom hunting. The good news is that you need very little!