Welcome to Trails for Two: Empowering You to Confidently Explore the Wilderness

Here at Trails for Two, we think of getting outside not as an escape, but as the perfect complement to our busy daily lives. Each time we return to the office or the classroom on Monday after a weekend camping trip, we not only feel refreshed but have a better sense of why we are there. Through this blog, we hope to help you find the same sense of appreciation for your inside lives as you feel for your outside ones.

Our goal is to help you find an amazing trail or campsite for your next adventure. Although there are several websites and apps that are great for showing you what’s out there, it’s often hard to tell what’s good. While we are avid users of AllTrails, Hiking Project, Free Campsites, and other websites when looking for new hiking/camping spots, we also heavily rely on other tools such as historical USGS topographical maps, The National Map Advanced Viewer, Garmin map packages, ArcGIS Online, and more to find the very best. Our specialty is finding some of the more remote trails that give you a real sense of being in the wilderness (or as close as you can get in Missouri). We provide the details of our experiences to give you the confidence to get out there too.